Over more than forty years of its existence as part of Czech theatre, HaDivadlo has built up its position as an alternative theatre with a particular view of the world and its own poetry. Since the beginning it has presented itself as the scene of distinctive authorial poetics, demanding dramaturgy and strong creative personalities. HaDivadlo is a member of the Centre for Experimental Theatre together with the Theatre Goose on a String and the Theatre at the Table.

With ESNcard you can get any ticket for 160 CZK (normally it's 320-520 CZK for one ticket, 220-340 CZK for one ticket for students). The tickets with discount can be either purchased directly at the ticket office or can be reserved via e-mail -  write your card number in the e-mail, then pay for the tickets when you pick them up at the ticket office. There are many English friendly plays with subtitles provided.