There are many activities to choose from in ESN. But what if you want to get better at something or learn new things? That's why we're making it easy for you by introducing you to Causes of ESN with some examples you can be looking forward! 

The Cause of Culture

Everyone knows that what you want to experience most abroad is the culture, the sights, the traditions, the typical food and so on. Therefore, Cause of Culture is covered by several activities that we organize for you.
  • All the trips around Czech Republic (Trip to Olomouc, Trip to Lednice, Trip to Ostrava...)
  • Wine Grapes Harvesting 
  • Christmas & Easter Evenings and International Dinner
  • Presentations of Nations (you will gain new knowledge about the traditions around the Wold!)


Cause of Social Inclusion

You don't want to experience these great moments alone! That's why we focus on events that encourage people to integrate into a community and create new friendships. Who would go on all those great trips without friends, right?
  • Welcome Week
  • International Dinner
  • Presentations of Nations (you will find more people interested in your country without any doubts!)

Cause of Environmental Sustainability

We care about our planet, so we want to promote resource sustainability. We want to focus on this cause in more activities, even if it is sometimes not so visible. 
  • Planting Trees
  • Clean Up 
  • We are using reusable cups during our Parties and recycling 

Cause of Education & Youth

We know that education is an important part of our careers. When else do we realize it is so important than when we are young? Want to try to influence someone's young career? We help young people grow their careers and motivate them to expand their horizons abroad. 
  • Erasmus in Schools
  • Mov'in Europe
  • Presentations of Nations (you can never know who shows up there)


Cause of Skills & Employability

Gaining experience and skills is rewarding not only for you but also for your potential employer. In cooperation with our partners, we will show you how to impress the company's HR manager with your CV, how to sell your knowledge or one of us will teach you how to take photos, create graphics, etc.
  • Mov'in Europe
  • Workshops 
  • Presentations of Nations (Skill of presenting in front of a room full of people is quite rare, you can try it here!)


Cause of Health & Well-being

Sometimes it's too much for all of us, so we want everyone to find an activity where they can relax. We'll help you to keep fit and not stress during exam period. 
  • Sport Activities
  • Chill & Talk sessions in our Office
  • Trust Box (Here you can let us know anything that annoys or bothers you or leave a suggestion for us how to help)


The activities and events listed for each Cause are just an example. If you can find any of the Causes of ESN in other events, that's great for you and you can take away a lot more from our activities and experience.

If you have any questions regarding the Causes of ESN, don't hesitate to contact our Causes Manager at who will gladly answer all of them!

Remember, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, help us to do so!