Once upon a time...

 Hall of fame

List of ESN (ISC - International students club) VUT Brno students club key members through the history:

Markéta Dostálová
ISC founder & Head coordinator (2004-2007)
She was ours, now she is hers and she will be with us forever... Rest in peace, stop working and get some life or at least relax a little bit. ;-)

Libor Hnilička
Head coordinator (2007-2008) (†2013)
Former main Coordinator of day-to-day life, Rest in peace...

Lenka Popová
Head coordinator (2008-2010)
She shall find a great job with great people and live happily ever after. (and she did and does ;-) )

Veronika Dvorníková
Head coordinator (2010)
Married with Finland wink We wish them well... laugh

Vojta Draxl
Senior member
See ya around...

František Brázdilík
Co-Founder, veeery senior member, moderator, interpreter and legendary entertainer :D
Hear ya around...

Jitka Šafářová
Head coordinator (2010-2012)

Jakub Šiška
SectionBox Developer


František "Feri" Hromada

Jan "Mrož" Hrubý
Graphic designer

Kateřina Věžníková
President (2013-2014)

Dominik Bosco Renza
President (2014 - 2015)
Organizator of czech national platform in Litomyšl, candidate to board of ESN International

Lucia Benedikovičová
President (2015 - 2016)
El presidente, organizator of first Mov'in Europe conference at VUT - rewarded by StarAward from AGM

Alžběta Trčková
President (2016 - 2017)
In love with Greece

Alumni of ESN VUT Brno

Alumni can still participate on our events. They will be alway part of the ESN VUT Brno. They are the ones who improved, built and made our section successful!

Big thanks go to all of the people who helped the section to grow heart