What is the ESNcard?

The ESNcard is a membership card of the Erasmus Student Network. It is a proof of membership in ESN Brno and so indirectly of the ESN Network. Its main objective is to support and give opportunities to international students during and after their exchange period.

Here is a list of benefits you receive with your ESNcard:

  • Discounts for our events
  • Cheaper traveling with Ryanair, FlixBus
  • Various discounts for Eurosender, Spotahome, coffee shops, gyms, etc.
  • Discounts in businesses in Brno. For more info check out the list of our partners.
  • Keep in mind that the ESNcard is valid in every city with an ESN section (Europe-wide), so if you travel to one of them you'll enjoy the corresponding discounts and benefits.

The ESNcard is valid for 12 months and only valid with a photo and correct personal data. The card is strictly personal and cannot be used by somebody else than the card holder. 

You can apply to get your ESNcard at link below and then you can come to pick it up in our office during opening hours (Opening hours will be published in Telegram group an Instagram). The ESNcards will be printed in a waves (will be specified)

The price is 500 CZK. (Paid at our office only in cash and only CZK)

Order your card HERE

Don't forget to register your ESNcard and find more about the discounts at www.esncard.org