The Erasmus Guide to Covid-19

Where to find actual information about restrictions?

Here are several helpful websites that you can visit:
Government of the Czech republic
Ministry of Health of the Czech republic
BUT information for foreign students

What should I do if I have symptoms of Covid-19?

If you experience dry coughing, fever, breathing difficulties, body fatigue and pain or a sudden loss of taste or smell, isolate yourself to protect those around you.
It’s necessary to inform the University about your situation by email to (send copy to as well). They will also help you get through the procedure, advise you on what to do and answer all your questions.
Additionally, feel free to contact ESN VUT Brno as well. You can write at and we will help you with any difficulties you may encounter. If you have heavy symptoms and you need help immediately, call emergency ambulance number 155 or the general emergency number 112. If health difficulties are strong or last more than a few days, call the covid hotline 1221. COVID-19 information hotline (dial 1221) is also available in English from anywhere in the Czech Republic on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends  from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What to do to avoid infection?  

Cover your mouth and nose with a face mask, wash your hands properly with soap and apply disinfectant gel. Avoid large gatherings and keep a distance of 2 meters between people.  Don’t share food and drinks with other people. It may be a good idea to avoid crowded public transport and instead of it, possible alternatives could be walking or cycling.  If you’re meeting someone, meet them outside where the chances of transmission are lower. 

Apps for bikes sharing:
App for electric scooter sharing:

Where can I get tested? What is the procedure?  

Procedure for self-payers:
If you want to get tested on your own initiative, check the table with the English speaking testing stations below. Make sure you make an appointment for a specific time and arrive in advance.
Make sure to follow the latest measures, as well as the instructions given by the testing station. Take your ID/Passport and health documents with you (European Health InsuranceCard/Travel health insurance). The price is approximately 64 €.
Besides, there is also a possibility of free testing. In case that your doctor or the hygiene station recommends you to get tested, they can issue an electronic request with your name. Then you just make an appointment in some of the English speaking testing stations and it will receive this request. When you arrive on the test later, everything is managed.

List of English speaking testing stations:  

Laboratory Registration Notes
Cytogenická laboratoř Brno, s. r. o

Elisabeth Pharmacon, spol. s. Only for self-payers
English translation of form: here
IFCORN Dobrovského By phone  
Fakultní nemocnice Brno Bohunice English instructions here
Fakultní nemocnice u Svaté Anny  (If you cannot proceed because all dates are red, it means there are no dates avaliable)

If you need assistance with filling out your registration or with related matters, please  send an email to for help. You can also contact your ESN Buddy or write in the Facebook group Erasmus VUT Winter 2020. If needed you can also find a list of all testing stations on the website of  The Czech ministry of health. Unfortunately it’s only in Czech but there is a map so you can find the place that is closest to you. 

What should I do after I get the result of the test? 

If you were tested negative, you should nevertheless continue to follow preventive measures to ensure that you do not get infected at a later date. If you were tested POSITIVE, you should quarantine yourself and inform the University about your result by email to  (copy to as well). Plus write there a full name of your roommate if you have any. You will probably get contacted by a hygiene station, they will ask you about a list of people (full name and phone number) who were in close contact with you in the last few days (e.g. your roommate, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends you met often or in a small room).  Additionally, stay in touch with a doctor in case your health condition gets worse. 

How to prevent spreading infection?  

You can use mobile app called eRouška. It’s a free phone app that will notify you if you have been in close contact with someone who has been tested positive for Covid-19, or it can enable you to notify others who have been in close contact with you after you’ve been tested positive. This works only if both of you are using the app. It does not require your personal data or your location, it only needs to run on the background while your Bluetooth is on.  More info about eRouška:  

What to do while quarantined?  

Ideally, avoid any contact with the outside world that is not absolutely necessary for your survival, such as food and drinks. There are food delivery services available as well to get your groceries delivered to your door. Make sure to eat a variety of healthy food to maintain a balance of nutrients, drink water regularly and get enough sleep to help your body cope with the illness. If isolated with a group, the person who was tested positive should be given a separate room. If that is impossible, their bed should be placed as far away from everyone else as possible and the room should be thoroughly ventilated. As for tips for spending your time in isolation, it’s your call. Between binge-watching your favorite shows, playing video games or calling with your friends. If your medical condition allows it, make sure to exercise regularly to maintain a basic level of physical health. Keep your living space tidy and organized and do wonders for your peace of mind.

Link for delivery services: 

You can get inspired what to do here.